what students think of us

The teachers are very fun, encouraging and inspiring. They make every lesson fun and engaging, not to mention motivating me to do better for every test! Even though there are so many remedial lessons conducted, the support from friends and teachers I get here makes it all worthwhile!
— Chantelle Chong, Y4 (2017)
The notes provided are condensed and easy to understand, with weekly practices helping students gain exposure to different types of questions. The students are generally attentive and focused during lessons, providing healthy competition whilst encouraging an atmosphere of learning. The casual banter in some periods lighten up the mood and make for a very conducive learning environment.
— Dalton Chee, Y4 (2016)
The teachers at AfterSkool form a close teacher-student relationship with students which allows students to comfortably ask their teachers any questions they have with regards to the subjects that they are learning. This makes it possible for teachers to provide support for students who are struggling to cope with subjects that they may not understand well. Personally, I found it very easy to learn from my teachers as they were willing to answer my questions and take me through the process of solving specific questions as many times needed for me to understand.
— Leslie Chew, Y4 (2016)
The teachers made sure that I was able to fully grasp the particular topic and stayed back to help even after class ended when I had questions to clarify and push me to my maximum ability, and would give advice when necessary :)
— Rachael Chuah, A2 for ‘O’ Level Chemistry (2016)
The teachers were definitely helpful and most importantly, proficient and knowledgeable. They taught me the significance of constant practice, and even instilled in me extra beneficial tips that later would prove essential in my success in the subject. With their unrelenting help, I pushed my mediocre grade of B3 and B4, for my E and A maths (respectively) to A1s. Thank you Teachers!
— Young Jae, A1 for 'O' Level Add. Math & E. Math (2016)
My mathematics teachers constantly drilled me into perfecting my presentation of mathematical answers which is essential in exams. They also constantly encouraged me to do and re-do math papers so that I would be confident in doing all sorts of questions.
— Stuart Teng, A1 for 'O' Level Add. Math (2016)