What are the fees?

Fee Per Month Y1 & Y2 Y3 & Y4 Y5 (J1) & Y6 (J2)
Per Subject (payment by GIRO) $360 $420 $480
Per Subject (regular) $400 $460 $520

Other Fees and Deposits:
Registration Fee -- $50 per subject
Non-refundable Deposit -- one month’s fees

All fees and deposits are inclusive of 7% GST, and are neither refundable nor transferrable across students or subjects.


What is my non-refundable deposit used for?

The non-refundable deposit is used to offset the final month's fees upon graduation at the end of Y6. In the event of early withdrawal (e.g. switching to a Polytechnic pathway after Y4), students must submit a withdrawal form to use this deposit for the final month's fees, in lieu of a notice period.


How long is each lesson?

Y1 and Y2 lessons are 90 minutes (1 hour 30 minutes) long. Lessons for Y3 to Y6 last 100 minutes (1 hour 40 minutes).


Can I come for a trial lesson first before I decide whether I want to register at AfterSkool?

Our teachers are fully committed to our students, and take great care to ensure that lessons are tailored to suit each student’s needs. The profile/background of each new student is given to our teachers for careful consideration in planning and delivering the lessons, and it takes time for our teachers to build up an understanding of each student's learning difficulties and challenges. We are thus not prepared to take in students who are not as dedicated to the lessons as the teachers are, because it contradicts our teaching and curriculum design philosophy.


Do you offer private (1-to-1) lessons?

Yes, but these are subject to the availability of our teachers. Please contact us at admissions@afterskool.com.sg for more information; kindly indicate the examination subject, student’s level, school and/or syllabus or exam that the student is currently preparing for.